Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sudbury Hall, England

Sudbury Hall was built by George Vernon in 1660. He also built the nearby town of Sudbury, leaving quite a legacy behind him. We visited the hall but not the town. The hall itself is an impressive work, full of amazing art.

Sudbury Hall, England

Closer to the front doors

Large sign for a small button

Inside, the first room is bright, spacious, and cheery.

The parlour

A mantel clock


The Great Staircase is one of the main attractions of the house. In addition to ornate carving, giant paintings are on the walls and ceilings!

Part of the Grand Staircase

A grand doorway

Upstairs various rooms are full of interesting items.

A comfy piano room

Another mantel clock

A modest study

Napoleon IV by Canova

A grandfather clock

J hanging out by the old radio

Another sitting room

Back downstairs, we saw the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen has fun activities for children, including guessing the vegetable from the shape.

The kitchen

J at the serving window playing a sorting game

The dining room

Back upstairs, we saw the Long Gallery which is filled with lots of family portraits and sculptures.

The Long Gallery

A beautiful cabinet

One of the family members (I forgot to snap the label!)

Man behaving badly

Centaur behaving badly

A short hall leads past the family's copy of Nostradamus's Prophecies (I thought it was a bible till I looked closer) to the family library, with a spiral staircase in the corner leading to the upper shelves. I'd like one of those, please!

Nostradamus looking like a bible

The library

We saw the Red Bedroom, which has nice decorations as well.

Red bed

Painting built into the mantelpiece

After visiting one last room, we went outside to see the lake and the stable yards.

A servant's room

The back of the house

Back garden with a lake!

The stables (now a tea shop and gift shop)

Right next to the stables is The Museum of Childhood, which will be tomorrow's post!

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