Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Harewood House Playground, England

The main attraction of Harewood House in Yorkshire, England, is the massive playground on the estate. At least it is according to J and L. The playground uses the natural hills of the area to increase the fun. Our first view of the equipment didn't let us know the extent of the fun to be had.

Harewood House playground, not much on first view

J and L began exploring the variety of interconnected climbers and slides we first came to.

Climbing the first climber (L is not doing such a great job, though not nearly as poorly as her dad)

L crosses the bridge

L back in good spirits!

J and L climbing up again

Crazy interconnections

J in a web leading to greater adventures

Down the hill (though connected by the various walkways and climbers) is the bottom of a really long slide. Luckily, L did not know how long it was the first time she went down. Seeing what she came down, she was super-excited to climb back up and go again. It is only scary if you look before your leap!

Tallest slide in the playground

Happy L

While L repeated the slide, J rode a nearby zip-line again and again.

Zip-line sharing

We noticed from the slide base yet another playground that includes a web climber, a wacky two-tire swing, and more climbing equipment.

Even more playground

Two-tire swing (L was too afraid to ride it)

More of the two-tire swing

Web climbing J

J at the top

L, meanwhile, tried out the tried and true swing.

L swings

They both had one more go on the bottom of the hill climber before we headed back to the House to see the bird exhibit.

A last bit of climbing

Riding the golf-cart shuttle back to the house

More on the birds of Harewood in the next post!

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