Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More in Harrogate, England

After seeing the Victorian-era locations in Harrogate, including the Queen Victoria Jubilee memorial, let's see some more modern stuff. Like the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee memorial at the Crown roundabout. It's not as impressive and classy as the earlier one.

The Crown roundabout memorial for the Queen's jubilee

Another QEII jubilee memorial

A fancy chocolatier is right by the Crown roundabout. Farrah's of Harrogate makes hard candies and chocolates. They began in 1837 with a toffee made from the local well waters, enabling visitors to take some of the medicinal goodness home. The shop has tons to choose from and includes a cafe upstairs. It is one of L's favorite places to visit--they also sell ice cream cones to go.

Farrah's of Harrogate store

Just up the street is a much more posh tea shop--Betty's of Harrogate. It has a long history and was a favorite of James Herriot (author of the All Creatures Great and Small series). Betty's is the place to have a proper afternoon tea. The line on the weekends is quite long, so it's best to go on a weekday or just get something from their take-away shop.

Betty's corner shop
Closer view on the side of Betty's

The park across from Betty's has a tree carved for the Tour de France, which will be run in Yorkshire in July of 2014 (just days from when this post is published!).

One carving

The other side of the tree

Just up the hill is the Cenotaph, dedicated as the town's World War I memorial in 1923 and rededicated after World War II to honor the men and women who died in that war as well as those from the previous war. Ceremonies are held there on November 11 and other military-related days.

Cenotaph seen from Betty's

Cenotaph and the bell tower of St. Peter's

Up the street from the Cenotaph is an impressive-looking Methodist Church and the local library (built in 1907 thanks to the generosity of Andrew Carnegie).

West Park United Methodist Church

Harrogate Library

The town has plenty of fun sculptures all over the place.

A random lion

French statue "La Douche" near Betty's

One local pub has some old advertising above it.

The Slug and Lettuce with ad above

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