Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saint-Saens, France

Saint-Saens is a small town in France where we spent the first night of our Normandy trip in April 2014 (I know, these posts are all out of order!). The town was a convenient stop on the way to our main hotel, so it wasn't any big local attraction that brought us there. We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast, Le Logis d'Eawy. We had a large family room with two separate bedrooms.

Le Logis d'Eawy, St.-Saens

Master bedroom (with tapestry!)

The rest of the master bedroom

The hotel's courtyard

The hotel recommended a lovely restaurant for dinner that was just down the road 30 meters. The restaurant had a fine three-course meal for the parents while J and L enjoyed chicken nuggets (funnily, the French call them "nuggets" while in the UK they are often called "goujons").

The restaurant's exterior (seen the next morning)

The next morning, we ate a great local breakfast at our hotel, which included baked apple, a regional specialty.

Breakfast (baked apple in upper right)

French pastries, of course!

We walked around the town and discovered some interesting bits. The Dillard Fountain in front of the church was built in honor of Monsieur Dillard, who was mayor at the end of the 1800s and left a legacy to the town.

Dillard Fountain

Nearby is a sculpture by British artist Geoff Troll that was put up in 1997 when the town square was refurbished. J and L posed by it and then were surprised to discover the "arch" is really two naked people. Luckily, the picture is of their backsides, so I hope readers will not be offended.

L and J pose in an "archway"

The town has a lot of charming architecture.

A fun building

We also discovered a World War I memorial by the church.

WWI Memorial

The church is tomorrow's post!

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