Monday, July 7, 2014

Sports Day at the Children's School

The very last day of school in England for J and L coincided with Sports Day. Sports Day was supposed to be held about a month earlier but wet weather delayed it (not a surprise in England). Parents were invited to attend and cheer on their youngsters. This year, the school PTA sold refreshments and a scheduled cake stall was added to the sandwiches and drinks on offer.

The afternoon of sports started with a rota of different activities, including basket shooting, shot put, discus, long jumps, and hurdles. J and L enjoyed most of them. I finally got my nerve to take pictures at the long jump and the hurdles, where my children showed off their speed.

L''s four-point landing in the long jump

J ready to go

J is too fast for a non-blurry shot!

L does the hurdles or escapes from the head teacher

Still too quick!

After the round of group sports (the school is divided into four houses, just like we Americans learned in Harry Potter), individual challenges began. For the younger children, the egg and spoon race was the chance for individual achievement.

L gets ready for her egg and spoon race

J in mid-race

J won his heat; L put in a good showing. The older children all did sprints. Often the results were hard to tell. I'm glad I wasn't a judge.

At the end of the activities, all the students gathered at one end of the field while the head teacher announced various winners. J and L's house (they put siblings in the same house) didn't win. J and L were called up by the head teacher who gave a wonderful farewell to them. The kids went back to class where L got a last photo with good friend Annabelle and with her special friend Libby (a year-six student assigned to help the new students learn everything about the school).

Annabelle and L

L and Libby

We parents and children will miss such a great school and the wonderful friends (both students and teachers) we've found there.

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