Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

We went to Florida for Christmas to celebrate with family. We rented a house to have enough space for everybody. Granny and Grandpa brought a tree over which J and L helped decorate.

L crafting an ornament

Fabulous tree

Granny cooked an awesome Christmas lunch which was so good, taking pictures was the furthest thing from my mind. Her stuffing is an especial favorite. One of the aunts said that she has had leftovers in the form of a stuffing sandwich rather than a turkey sandwich!

One picture we did take was Grandpa opening a special present. J came along when we were shopping and we stopped at the magic store in Savage Mill. In addition to magic tricks, they also sell gag gifts. J picked out the classic "snakes in a peanut can," which had the joyfully anticipated effect on our favorite peanut fan.

Snakes flying through the air

The best part of the day was hanging out with family.

Cousins K and N with her dad and his mom (and L in the back)

Kids' Christmas photo

Happy J

Happy L

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