Tuesday, December 30, 2014

J's BSA Report for December 2014

The first den meeting of December, J and his fellow Tiger Cubs practiced the flag ceremony. A typical ceremony is simply carrying the flags into a room and setting them up at the front. The trick is to be slow and respectful, which isn't always easy for seven-year old boys. They did well enough for practice, maybe in a future pack meeting they will be called upon to present the flags for the whole troop.

Our "go see it" this month was to a police station, specifically the Bowie Police Station. We toured the facility. A highlight for the boys was the holding cell area. Four different concrete rooms are set up with cameras so that suspects can be held and observed. The interrogation rooms are located around a corner. One of the boys asked the officer leading us around what they did to suspects to get them to talk. The officer said that they just leave the person handcuffed to the wall in their seat for twenty minutes and then come in and talk. There's no harsh lighting or tough talk or abuse. At the end of the tour, J received a bag of goodies to take home, including a badge and a pencil that changes colors when it gets warm.

We couldn't take pictures inside so this is all I have:

Police cruisers

Cool swag

The final pack meeting of 2014 was all about being safe on the internet. The Webelos (the oldest of the Cub Scouts) presented the information in two stations. A third station was run by the Pack Leader. At the end of the meeting, the Pack Leader handed out awards, including the popcorn sales patches and prizes. J got his patch and a fine compass.

J in uniform with swag

Swag close up

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