Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Random Bits of York on the River Ouse

Right on the River Ouse is the Spurriergate Centre, formerly known as St. Michael's Spurriergate. The unusual name refers back to the tradesmen who worked on that street, the spur makers. Parts of the building date back to the 12th century, though the most recent remodeling has turned it into a large, family friendly cafe and gift shop with a pastoral team who can provide counseling to visitors.

The Spurriergate Centre

The River Ouse as seen from the bridge by Spurriergate Centre

Further west on the Ouse is the Lendal Bridge, which has two towers on either bank of the river. Back in the day, the locals would tax river traffic that went through York. When people tried to sneak through, they put a chain across the river from one tower to the other! The bridge itself was clearly redone in Victorian times, thus the V and A motifs.

Lendal Tower

The other tower

Decoration on the bridge


Decor on the span of the bridge (golden V and A on the right)

View out of town from Lendal Bridge

Ousebridge down the river from Lendal Bridge

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