Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cute Kid Pix

Here's some pictures of the children that didn't get their own blog posts!

Grandmama got to hold N at Thanksgiving.

Mellow fellow

About a month later, N held a ball for the first time.

Not so sure about this

In focus and in control!

One of our roughhousing sessions was caught on camera.

Two on one is fair in this situation

Group hug or double headlock?

L ready to deliver the fatal blow

The kids went to the library for a craft time and made masks and crowns.

J the masked hero

L's crown of humility

Back in England, they went to a pottery shop to make some Father's Day items.

L decorates a bowl

J just poses

N has some practice sitting and playing with a toy.

N fascinated by his toy

At religious education, J and L had their picture taken with Saint Nicholas himself!

J, L, and the bishop of Myra

Down in Florida, L did a lot of jumping with her cousins on the grandparents' couch. It was a crazy hair day for her!

Getting ready to jump in unison

Flying cousins

Not so wild hair

Very wild hair

L leads the way

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