Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Visiting the Mall Santa 2014

We went to visit the mall Santa but the line was way too long for anybody's patience. Happily, the mall also had a more or less ignored "write a letter to Santa" station that was probably more fun than sitting on the lap of a stranger and telling him your heart's fondest desires.

L was quick to write a letter detailing what she wanted this year. Candy...lots of candy. Especially chewing gum!

L making a list, checking it twice

No envelope necessary

A happy mailer

J's list was more complicated and a little more secret but it also made it on its way to the jolly old elf.

J writes with a Christmas color

Don't mail the crayon too!

Still got the crayon and the smile

N needed a recorder for his wishes. L was happy to help out. Santa probably wouldn't have understood anyway!

Better to tell your sister than a stranger

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