Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Morning Children

Every Saturday morning at our house, J and L help make breakfast. The meal is our favorite breakfast, baked oatmeal. The recipe involves many steps that the kids can help with. One of the first things is to break a quarter cup of pecans into little bits so they can be toasted on a pan. J used to do this all by himself, but L has grown up enough to help out too.

Breaking pecans

Happy J!

Snappy L!

Measuring and mixing ingredients is more of L's job, though again J helps out sometimes. The favorite ingredient is brown sugar, which the children always have to sample to make sure it's still okay. After it's all in the bowl, L gives it a stir.

L blends it all together into a lovely concoction

This particular morning included L showing off her birthday wish list. When we were in a department store, she saw some things she wanted to get right away. I told her we could put them on her birthday wish list when we got home. As soon as we walked inside, L cut a piece of paper in half longways, taped it together, and had us write down items on the list. After the two or three items from the store, including a toy ice-cream store, she had to get creative in coming up with other items: stickers, a book of stickers, a play barbeque store, a play pizza store, etc. I think we should just get her a play food court!

Submit ideas in the comments below--this list isn't going to fill itself out!

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