Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beach Fun Without a Swimsuit

One evening we went back to Limin Hersonissos for dinner. We walked around a bit after the extra-large meal. Since we went to Malaga, Spain, and never stuck our feet in the waters of the Mediterranean, we thought now was the time to right that wrong.

We found a small beach just below one of the bar seating areas. A small, rocky patch of beach had waves washing slowly inward. The tide was coming in. We weren't worried since the harbor was fairly gentle. Realizing how cold the water was, we chickened out again. The kids were starting to get bored. We needed an idea to keep them occupied for a little while. That's when it hit me. A rocky beach!

I picked up a stone and tossed it out to sea. It made a satisfying plop in the water. The kids laughed. After my second throw, they wanted to join in the action.

Ready to launch!

We had a fun time, scrounging for rocks, running up as close to the waterline as we dared, throwing as hard as we could.

Got 'em!

Girl vs. ocean

Caught in mid-air

We spent a good fifteen minutes on the cheapest and easiest activity on Crete. We recommend it highly!

[Editor's note: for any of you who clicked through the title of this blog post hoping for something far more salacious, you should be ashamed of yourself...and welcome to the blog!]

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