Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dianna, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, London

In Kensington Gardens (right next to Hyde Park and formerly part of Kensington Palace) is a large, elaborate playground dedicated to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. We decided to visit because we knew the children would love it.

The first thing we discovered was a fantastic pirate ship.

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground pirate ship!

J couldn't wait to go on board. The first thing he did was climb to the crow's nest for a view of the area.

Boarding the ship

You can just about make out J on the left

L also got on board though she went below decks rather than above.

Porthole L!

L also discovered a rocky area nearby with water going hither and yon. She climbed about a bit and then washed up so we could visit more of the playground.

A rocky exploration area

Washing up is fun!

Next, we discovered a fort with a long wall circling a nice grassy area.

Fort or high way?

J comes down

L on a wobbly bridge

J discovered some jumping mushrooms in the middle of the fences and enjoyed running across them.

Fleet footed fellow

Just outside the fort is a small Native American village. We did not stop since we heard the musical instruments on the other side.

Native American Area

The musical instruments were all sorts of walking on and banging on panels. Most rang bells but some provided whistley noises.


L spun a pair of girls on one spinner that didn't make any noise. It just made people dizzy.

L gets the rotation started

The playground is a lot of fun but was very crowded on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It's still worth the visit.

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