Sunday, March 9, 2014

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

A sight in London that we only saw from the tour bus was St. Paul's Cathedral. The tickets are rather pricey for tourists and no photography is allowed inside. The exterior is still magnificient.

The first cathedral was built in 604 AD, though Viking raids and fires caused constant rebuilding. In 1087 a new cathedral was built under William the Conqueror. After the Great Fire of London in 1666, the Cathedral was ruined. To replace it, Sir Christopher Wren was hired. He crafted a fantastic Baroque cathedral which was built from 1675 to 1710. He also built or rebuilt 52 other churches in London.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Seen from a side street

Many state funerals, including Sir Winston Churchill's in 1965, were held here. It is also where Prince Charles married Lady Dianna Spencer.

A statue of Queen Anne, the reigning monarch when the church was completed, stands outside the main doors into the cathedral. That's a royal scepter, not a sword, in her hand.

Queen Anne

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