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Les Buissonnets, Home of St. Therese, Lisieux, France

The first place we visited in Lisieux was the childhood home of St. Therese. Therese Martin was born in Alencon, France, on January 2, 1873. Her mother died four years later. Mr. Martin moved her and his other four daughters to Lisieux to be nearer their uncle, Isidore Guerin, a Lisieux pharmacist. They moved into an 18th century house called Les Buissonnets.

Les Buissonnets, childhood home of St. Therese of Lisieux

The first room in the house is the kitchen with a fireplace that served both to cook meals and to heat the house.


The family dining room is visible through a window. Therese had her last meal here on April 8, 1888, before she entered Carmel.

Family dining room

Upstairs is a large bedroom that the older sisters shared.

Large bedroom

Therese was the youngest and shared another room with her sister Celine. Further on is a display of Therese's childhood things, including toys and her First Communion dress.

Therese's stuff

First communion dress

Her desk

In the back garden is a statue of Therese and her father. On Pentecost, 1887, Therese asked her father's permission to enter Carmel. He consented and gave her a little white flower which she identified with her life.

Back of the house

Lighting wasn't very good for me

By one of the sheds is a reconstruction of a creche (nativity scene) made by Therese when she was young.


The front garden is also nice and filled with flowers, even on the April day we visited.

Front garden

Flowers from the Little Flower's home

A tacky gift shop sits just outside the house but we did not visit it.

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