Wednesday, June 4, 2014

White Cliffs of Dover, England

The White Cliffs of Dover was one of the sights on our list that we finally crossed off this year. We drove down to Dover to take the ferry over to Normandy. We had an afternoon ferry, so we spent the morning exploring the Cliffs. After parking near the Visitor Centre we enjoyed our first excellent view of...the Port of Dover.

We didn't run into Nathan

The Port of Dover

The port is the busiest passenger port in the world. Ferries leave every hour taking cars and pedestrians to France. The place runs like clockwork. If you miss your ferry (which we did on our way back) there's always another one not long after.

Walking on further, we saw a small pasture with ponies. J and L were excited but the ponies were uninterested in any beckoning we did. We should have brought some apples or carrots with us.

Ponies grazing

We walked up a trail along a high ridge, allowing us views of some of the chalk cliffs.

The port, the cliffs, and Dover Castle in the distance

Some of the chalk cliffs

View from the walking trail

After five minutes or so, we came upon the towers of the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

Us on the trail

Maritime Coastguard Agency antenna and radar

A few more minutes brought us to Langdon Hole, a natural depression in the landscape that has a staircase leading down to a shipwreck on the beach below.

Langdon Hole sign

The hole was just under this ridge

View by the hole's edge

We were interested in going further but the rain started in earnest. I took a few quick pictures then headed even quicker back to the visitor centre.

A ferry boat!

A bit of cliffside

Some strange structure just barely visible

We double-timed it back to the car. By the time we were there we were soaked. We found some dry trousers in the car and went to switch clothes. It was still 9:50 a.m., so the tea shop didn't open for another ten minutes. Luckily, the toilets were open and we were able to change. We all had hot beverages and snacks, though some people's moods were dampened by the experience.

Maybe L doesn't want to play with you, J...

After a reviving snack we went into town, saw the local museum, and then took the ferry over to Normandy. Another France series starts in the next post!

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