Monday, February 23, 2015

Cute Kid Pix February 2015

Here's some more cute pictures of the kids from the past couple of months! We start with some bedtime leftovers from the Florida trip...

L tries to get N to sleep


N, don't pull your sister's hair!

Mug shot after the cops got involved in the previous picture

N had lots of fun hanging out over Christmas with his cousin K!

K and N

Back at home, we got some books from the library. N loves reading books!

A real page turner!

We decided to use our fireplace for the first time, a popular choice with the kids. Nothing is more fascinating than flames!


Fireplace fascinated fans!

N loves tummy time, but only in small bursts. Adding toys helps a lot with his endurance.

Tummy time with toys

After the snow storm last week (third week of February 2015) J made a snow fort.

J fortified!

L enjoyed some cocoa in her fort during the second storm.

Happy to have a warm beverage


N does have two new teeth but is very shy about showing them.

You want to see what!?!

No show

Just barely visible

Close up of barely there tooth

GQ head shot

He finally showed his teeth in the bath tub. We had to distract him by making him laugh.

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