Thursday, February 5, 2015

Warwick Castle Birds of Prey, England

Like many mansions and castles in England, Warwick Castle has an aviary populated with exotic birds. Being a more military place, the birds are more predatory.

First up is Frank, the Egyptian Vulture (yes, they've named their birds, though Frank is not very Egyptian if you ask me). The small vulture (neophron percnopterus) is also called the "Pharoah's Chicken," which may be a worse name than Frank. Egyptian Vultures in the wild typically feed on carrion or small animals. They nest in other bird's nests or in crags. They typically lay two dark red eggs a year. The species is endangered.

Frank the Egyptian Vulture

Next is Stan, the White-tailed Sea Eagle (haliaeetus albicilla). They live in northern Europe and Asia and feed on fish which they snatch from the top of the water. They also eat carrion and small animals. They are not endangered.

Stan,the White-tailed Sea Eagle

Nikita is a Steller's Sea Eagle (haliaeetus pelagicus). These eagles are native to the Kamchatka peninsula as well as Japan and Korea. They breed on sea coasts or large rivers, with nests on rocky outcroppings or high trees. They eat fish from the sea just like the White-tailed Sea Eagle, but Steller's Sea Eagles eat large fish like salmon and cod. They are considered a "vulnerable" species.

Nikita the Steller's Sea Eagle

Albert the Crowned Eagle (stephanoaetus coronatus) comes from central Africa. This species is one of the most powerful eagles and hunts monkeys and medium-sized mammals, even small antelopes! They are not endangered.

Albert the Crowned Eagle

Ernie the Verreaux's Eagle Owl (bubo lacteus) comes from central and southern Africa. Also known as the Milky or Giant Eagle Owl, they eat small birds and animals up to the size of small monkeys. They mate for life and have large nests where they have one or two eggs a year. They are not endangered.

Ernie the Verreaux's Eagle Owl

The castle has daily demonstrations of their birds. L almost got too close!

She wasn't old enough to read back then

While we were wandering around, we spotted a pretty peacock just hanging out.

Unnamed peacock

That's the end of our visit to Warwick Castle.

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