Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Revew: Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search - Part Three by Gene Luen Yang et al.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search - Part Three script by Gene Luen Yang, art by Gurihiru, lettering by Michael Heisler

A surprising heartfelt conclusion comes with the third part of Zuko's search for his mother. In the Forgetful Valley the gang confronts the Mother of Faces, an ancient spirit who can change people both physically and mentally. Once a year (or thereabouts) she grants a boon to a human who asks her. Zuko wants to find his mom Ursa but they've also run into a brother and sister who want the brother's face restored. The siblings have been wandering the Forgetful Valley for years hoping to find the Mother of Faces. Zuko is willing to let them have the boon and he will keep searching on his own but Azula butts in and demands the whereabouts of their mother. The spirit reveals that Ursa received the boon years ago and is now one of the Hira'a villagers. Zuko and Azula race back to confront their mother. Avatar Aang tries to get a second boon out of the spirit which leads to all sorts of problems.

Meanwhile, the back story of Ursa finishes out in a surprising and touching way, bringing it up to the present story which also has a great conclusion. This part wraps up the family drama well with its emphasis on forgiveness and reconciliation among the family members. I can't wait to read the next series.

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