Monday, April 27, 2015

School Carnival 2015

J and L's school had their annual carnival in April on a day that felt more like November (cloudy and cold). We still had a grand time. The carnival ran from noon till four and somehow we stayed the whole afternoon! At the beginning, not many people were there.

School carnival outside part one

School carnival outside part 2

School carnival inside

We bought some tickets for the rides and activities. J was immediately drawn to the obstacle course that looks like a fire fighting free for all. The two side allow people to race each other. L was not interested in racing J.

That's J sliding down on the right (timing the picture was impossible)

Back of the course

L was more interested in racing an inflatable horse at the Fun Derby.

Fun derby

L races

We also went around the school grounds on a scavenger hunt. The theme was the positive environmental designs in the school--the rain water drainage, the bird feeders and nests, the recycling plans. At the end of the hunt, J and L received some recycled crayons--they were bits and nubs melted down into fun multicolored squares.

We went inside to try out those activities and warm up a little. J did his best to get some bank shots in the Bank Shot game. The goal is to roll the balls from one lane to the other by bouncing them off the angled walls. A nice mathy dexterity challenge!

Bank Shot game

Face painting was a popular activity and L has a hint of Frozen on her face.

L's face paint

Another fun challenge was golf putting. L and J were not as familiar with clubs as they should be so they needed several strokes to sink their balls.

L golfs

J golfs (or plays pool)

The carnival had a cake walk but we didn't try it since the odds were about twenty to one that a walker would win.

Cake walk

Back outside, we took some spins on the Chick-fil-A wheel and won free food. The cow princess was there and L loved to pose.

L and the "Reel Princess"

J was more interested in climbing the rock wall. At first he was scared to try but overcame his fears and harnessed up for the thrill.

Super tall rock climbing wall

J gets ready

His first ascent wasn't far but was fun, meaning he would do many more ascents throughout the day.

Getting attached

First effort is a little unnerving

Checking how high he got

Posing as best he could

Later on in the day he became much more daring, hanging precariously without any worries!

One foot and one hand only

Close up

His fifth ascent

A tight spot

Ready to come down

Later on, we volunteered at the lollipop booth and at the wall climb. Great fun was had by all, with great naps when we got home!

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