Thursday, January 7, 2016

Book Review: Age of Ultron by Brian Michael Bendis et al.

Age of Ultron written by Brian Michael Bendis with various artists

The Avengers track down a brain trust of villains hiding in a jungle. They break up the villains' work but not before Ultron becomes reactivated (one of their projects). Ultron escapes and wreaks havoc, basically creating a post-apocalyptic world. His drones patrol everywhere, wiping out humanity and heroes as they go. A handful of Avengers are left and regroup in the Savage Land. They find some time-travel equipment that Nick Fury had hidden away. Wolverine wants to go into the past and kill Hank Pym before he can invent Ultron, everyone else wants to go to the future (from whence Ultron has been wreaking his havoc, though there is no clear explanation of how or why he went to the future) to take on Ultron. Mayhem ensues.

The book's story is rather convoluted. Individual parts of the story make sense on their own but they don't fit together when looked at as a whole. The time travel component of the story covers the same old ground that every other time travel story covers (though Wolverine meeting another Wolverine is fun). No great insights or interesting twists happen during the story. It was surprisingly bland overall.

Not recommended.

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