Saturday, June 14, 2014

Eglise St-Pierre, Mont-St-Michel, France

Halfway up to the abbey on Mont-St-Michel is the Eglise St-Pierre, a 15th century church dedicated to St. Peter. It is the parish church for the island and a nice stop on the climb up the mount.

Eglise St-Pierre

Outside is a statue of St. Joan of Arc with some interesting armor.

Joan of Arc, putting the breast in breastplate

Inside is small but comfortable, filled with light and atmosphere.

Sanctuary of the church

There's not much room for other altars, but they have a nice statue of Our Lady and another of St. Michael the Archangel.

A little Marian shrine

Altar of St. Michael

Out back of the church is a graveyard, which impressed us. Real estate is at a premium on this island so it must be very ancient or very posh. It would be a great place to rise at the end of days!

Church graveyard

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