Friday, June 27, 2014

TV Review: In the Flesh, Series 2, Eps. 4-6

In the Flesh, Series 2, Episodes 4 to 6

See my review of Series 1 here. and of the first part of Series 2 here.

The second half of the second series pulls things together. The prophecy of a second rising is taken seriously by both the Undead Liberation Army (represented by Simon) and Maxine Martin, Victus-sponsored MP for Roarton. The prediction is that whoever rose first in the first rising has to be killed on the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 12th month for the second rising to happen. Simon thinks that person is Kieren and he's ordered by the Undead Prophet to kill Kieren at the appropriate time. Only problem is he's falling for Kieren so he may not have the nerve to do it. Also, they are framed for pro-zombie crimes with the threat of being sent off to Norfolk for more treatments. Meanwhile local councilman Philip Wilson been visiting a zombie brothel (yeah, you read that right) and has to make hard decisions about his future when the news threatens to spread. Poor Amy Dyer is caught in the middle of it all, losing Simon to Kieren and fending off other unwanted attention.

The various story lines have a varying level of interest. I found the "second rising" plot line (which is the main one) the least believable, though the actors do a good job--the writing is the problem. Maxine's ultimate motivation makes little sense for her character. Simon's history at the Norfolk center is shown but seems like little more than an excuse for some gore and torture and to show how attached he is to the Undead Prophet. On the other hand, Amy's journey from her affection for Simon and Kieren goes in new and interesting directions, as does Philip's.

For me, this second series is a mixed bag--some good stuff and some bad stuff. I'd watch a third series but I'm not going to hunt it down.

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