Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lisieux, France

During our visit to Normandy we went to the town of Lisieux. Our first stop was St. Therese's childhood home which will get its own post on Monday, i.e. two days from when this posts. From there we walked to the local cathedral in Lisieux (which will get its own post on Sunday, i.e. tomorrow!). Along the way we saw some interesting things, most importantly a local playground.

Right outside her house is a statue of Therese with many memorials to her. They seemed to be thank-yous for intercessions in personal problems.

Therese statue

On the way to the cathedral is the Jardin de l'eveche, or Garden of the Bishop, if Google Translate is to be trusted. Presumably the fancy building at the end of the garden is the bishop's palace.

Bishop's palace?

The gardens

The truly interesting part of the park is the extensive playground, of which J and L made full use.

First part of the playground

J did a lot of climbing and jumping down.

Web climbing like Spider-man

Hanging tight

Going up

Going down

Dismounting the moose

L was a little more cautious and only climbed up and down.

The further part of the playground

L climbs up

L hangs out (and hangs low)

Just beyond the bishop's garden is the cathedral which will be our Sunday church tomorrow!

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