Thursday, June 19, 2014

UK Games Expo 2014--Cosplay

The UK Games Expo in 2014 had a huge explosion of people in cosplay. I saw a female Thor and also a female Loki (thought they were not together and I never saw them confront each other).

The usual Doctor Who crew was much less visible than last year. I saw one or two Doctors running around, but mostly the Tardis and the Daleks were representing in the hotel lobby.

Tardis in the lobby

One of those iPod-colored Daleks

L brave enough to face a Dalek!

Star Wars had a much higher representation, with Imperial Troops and Jedis and Sith wandering the halls.

This Stormtrooper wouldn't let me go to the bathroom

Clone warrior

Storm Troopers and a Tuskin Raider!

Killing a good guy!?!

Some of the cosplayers looked like Star Wars people to me but I wasn't sure. I guess I haven't seen any of the Clone Wars cartoons, so these guys might appear there.

They have light sabers, so they must be Star Wars, right?

Another lady had much more conventional sabres on her back, though she didn't use them.

Standing by idly while the above Jedi was offed!

Negotiating a discount

One of the booths had a performer who pretended to be a statue but would touch people or suddenly move, surprising lots of passers by. The booth had some Roman/Greek games, justifying his classical statue look.

Boy makes offering to spooky living statue

One sort-of cosplay was a display that featured Wall-E from the Pixar hit. J and L recognized him right away.

Wall-E with a little Wall-E on his shoulder

The games expo was a lot of fun to visit and we'd go back next year, but this year is the end of our England adventures. I'm sure we'll try out one of the American games conventions in the future!

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