Saturday, June 21, 2014

L's Birthday Party 2014

L turns five in 2014 and we had a big party at the popular Kidzplay in Harrogate. They provide everything but the cake, which we bought and decorated ourselves.

L adds just the right touch

Final product

We came to Kidzplay and the children had a blast playing in all the different climbing, crawling, and playing areas.

Friends chasing around

L moving too fast

Friends play football

After a good long time playing, they were ready to eat. The children lined up neatly, got a squirt of hand sanitizer, and headed in for the birthday feast.

L heads the line for food

More of the line

A feast fit for a princess

It wasn't long before the cake came out, everyone sang, and L blew out the candles.

L in her princess chair with the cake

We took some group photos (one nice, one silly) and then got to dancing. L picked her favorite song, I Like to Move It, from Madagascar. Everyone had fun on the dance floor.

Lots of jumping

L in mid-air

This one might just be tippy-toes

At the end, the children lined up to go back into the play area. When they rushed to the door, one boy got there before L. L said, "Colm, I'm the birthday girl," and she took her rightful place at the head of the line. They all ran out screaming as loud as they could (per the employee's instructions). Our last job was handing out party bags, which was easy since they were pre-packaged and had the slices of cake already wrapped and inside. For my American readers, that's the tradition here--the cake is sent home with the other goodies. We had ice cream at the end of the party meal, so dessert was not skipped.

A grand time was had by all!

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