Saturday, March 28, 2015

American Heritage Girls Daddy-Daughter Dance 2015

L and I went to our first dance last month--a daddy-daughter dance sponsored by her American Heritage Girls troop. The turn-out was great in spite of the wintry weather that night.

Daddy-Daughter Dance 2015

We danced to all sorts of songs. The most popular with the girls was Let It Go from Frozen (naturally). The most popular with the dads was Y.M.C.A. They did have a dance lesson to teach the tango. Almost everyone started the lesson. Three couples were left by the end of the lesson. I think the lack of success was due both to the girls being too young/unfocused and the somewhat unfamiliar music for dancing. L had a great time anyway.

L dancing

The organizers had plenty of other activities. L decorated a cookie to take home to mommy. She also made a bracelet and later a frame.

L decorates a frame

One unorganized activity was the battle between the stage and the dance floor later in the evening. Balloons were dropped on the dancers earlier. Some dancers started throwing balloons onto the stage. Soon the girls on the stage (doing crafts) started throwing the balloons back on the dance floor. This kept everyone excited and happy for at least twenty minutes.

Conga line interrupts the balloon war

A balloon smashed toward the camera

We had a fun night and a safe trip back through the driving snow.

A happy couple

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