Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Walking Dead Ep. 513, Forget

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 13: Forget

TV rating


ZPAA rating

Teens and up

Offensive content

Some foul language, usual zombie kills, one animal killed by a swarm of zombies, menace to a child, slurpy spaghetti eating.

Synopsis & Review

Rick is playing most, if not all, the angles in this episode. He's plotting with Carol and Daryl to have a side stash of weapons in case they need to take over Alexandria. He's accepted the job of Constable for Alexandria thus putting him in charge of safety for the new community. He's hitting on one of the local married women but maybe that's just because he had too much to drink at the welcoming party. He's playing it a bit Machiavellian.

Carol is just interested in taking over Alexandria. She pushes hard to get a stash of weapons and proves she'll do just about anything (though mostly it's lying) to get things her way.

Daryl is caught in the middle. The traditional outsider/loner of Rick's group, he finds more motivation to blend in. Alexandria recruiter Aaron works hard to integrate Daryl into the community, if not at the welcoming party at least over a spaghetti dinner. Daryl has an instinct that Rick and company could do well in the Alexandria community if they tried.

If only Rick and Carol were more on Daryl's page, it would be better. Unless there's something fishy going on at Alexandria...

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