Monday, March 23, 2015

J's BSA Report March 2015

The big scouting event in March is the Scouting for Food collection. At our first den meeting, J worked on two activities. One was building a tower of plastic cups with his den mates. It was a nice chance to practice team work. It was a difficult chance to take a picture, however.

Typical fate of a tower

The other activity was crafting puppets. They made the classic sandwich-bag-style puppet, decorating with cut out bits of construction paper, pipe cleaners, etc.

J and his puppet

While the kids were busy, one den leader handed out plastic bags and neighborhood assignments to the parents for the food drive. In the next week, we had to put plastic bags on people's doors asking for a donation of food for the needy. The following Saturday, we collected the food that people left on their front steps. We had a good haul from our assigned neighborhood (which wasn't where we lived but was nearby).

What we collected for the drive

At the pack meeting, the boys did several different activities, including push-up, sit-up, and foot racing stations. The push-up station was especially challenging since the boys had to form a push-up square, with their legs on the backs of each other so that everyone was held up by arms. The Tigers did a respectable job with a tough task.

Trying to make the four-man push up

The fourth station was the monthly distribution of badges, patches, and belt loops. Back at the Blue and Gold dinner, J and his fellow Tiger Cubs were awarded their Tiger Patches but thanks to all the snow storms, the actual patches hadn't come in. At this meeting, the patches had come in but weren't ready for handing out, so we'll have to wait another month.

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