Tuesday, March 24, 2015

L's First Public Art Exhibit

The local school system has an art exhibit showing students' works from now until April 24, 2015, at the Howard County Center for the Arts. We went to see it because L's creation is on display! The exhibit is called Personal Geographies - Maps as Art. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and had the place to ourselves.

Howard County Center for the Arts--looks like a converted school to me

The exhibit's entrance sign

The exhibit gallery

L's work is called My Neighborhood Map and is one of three works from her school on display! She didn't have anything enlightening to tell us about the work. I suppose it, like all art, should speak for itself.

L with her work

My Neighborhood Map by L (click to enlarge)

The gallery has plenty of other interesting works. Summer's Past shows a student who has a lot on her mind.

Summer's Past

DC Superhero Islands is a fun, imaginative map. Batman is clearly a favorite considering three islands are related to him. I wonder if Abandoned Island was supposed to be for Hawkman?

DC Superhero Islands

Voyage shows a fun trip in fondly remembered days of sailing.


Map of My Heart is an interesting exploration of a second grader's true loves.

Map of My Heart

Topographic Island is an interesting exercise in patience and precision.

Topographic Island

A few students made 360-degree panorama pictures in a ring. Visitors stand with their heads inside the ring and enjoy the view standing somewhere else. This one shows a street in Ellicott City.

Outside the ring

Inside the ring

DC Cherry Blossoms uses the waters of the Tidal Basin by the Jefferson Memorial (where most of the Cherry Blossom trees are) to show the trees.

DC Cherry Blossoms

Here are some other groups that caught my eye.

Various maps

France and Texas on its side

On our way out, we saw an outdoor painting that looks like it's an advertisement to visit the Walter's Gallery in Baltimore. It's a copy of The Painter and His Model by Alfred Stevens.

The Painter and His Model

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