Saturday, March 7, 2015

Local Purple Playground

We live near the North Laurel Community Center, which features a large purple playground for children. We've visited several times, though the first time was not so fun because the heat of the summer was blasting us. We had as much fun as we could under the conditions (and, as I post this, are in the harsh winter of March 2015!).

The smaller part of the playground

J lost in the bigger part of the playground

Hanging off of the playground was a popular past time, more popular than the usual things J and L enjoy.

L happily hangs out!

J climbs hot plastic rocks!

J tries to swing from bar to bar

Too cool for the swings?

We didn't stay too long, but have gone back several times. One time in particular was a post-dinner visit on August 9th (National Night Out night). Food was sold and a stage was set up (though the band didn't start playing until after we left). Various booths were sponsored by the Girl Scouts (no cookies though), the county parks department, a fitness center, and a handful of others. Everyone but L made a beeline for the playground. The heat of the day was over and the equipment had cooled down from the noonday sun. Fun was had by J, then L.

Full shot of the bigger playground

J goes from one bar to the next!

J, king of the mountain

J climbs only the reds!

Hardest climber yet

Nervous at the top

While J was having all this fun, L was getting her face painted.

A simple slithering snake

As we were playing, a fire truck drove up and parked right by the playground. We went over and had a tour of the truck.

Checking out the front seat

Gauges galore

Plenty of hoses on the back

Sadly, the kids did not get to sit in the truck but they had fun learning about jaws of life and other exotic equipment used by the firefighters.

The next thing to come along was a horse and rider from the park rangers! We went over and chatted with the ranger and petted the horse. L even fed the horse a treat (though it took several attempts since L nervously dropped the treat a few times).

J and L pet the horse

Feeding the horse

That night was one of many fun visits to our local purple playground. We look forward to warm weather and a chance to go back!

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