Thursday, March 5, 2015

Maryland Honey Festival 2014

We went to the Maryland Honey Festival in September 2014. The festival was held at the National Wildlife Visitor Center in Laurel, Maryland. The center has plenty of its own exhibits to enjoy.

National Wildlife Visitor Center

Family of timber wolves outside

L and J go for a ride

L gets a bite

Polar bear with arctic buddies inside

The main attraction for us was the honey festival since we love honey. It's great on tea or in oatmeal or in bread recipes or on toast.

Part of the festival

Several informative signs showed us how honey is collected and the impact of honey bees on our shopping choices.

Where honey comes from

How much produce depends on bees

Even better was two women demonstrating the honey extraction process. They had honey combs that they spun in a large cylinder. Then they took the combs out, scraped off the outsides into a special bin where the honey drips out and the wax (which can be used for candles) is retained.

Spin the combs

Scrape the combs

Drain the honey

Face painting was popular. Both J and L took turns getting something nice.

J in the chair

J's paint

L gets started

A butterfly on her face

Outside in a tent, members from the Maryland State Beekeepers Association demonstrated beekeeping, including opening up a hive and looking inside! It was bit hot outside (and a bit scary) so the kids went back to the air conditioned shade while I watched some of the demonstration.

Beekeeper in a tent with his bees

Suiting up for the job

Smoking the hive

Opening the hive

One rack of bees

Close up

A more populated (and honey filled) rack

I think he was pointing out the queen here; I want to point out his bare arms!!

The festival included speakers, a children's story time, and a live auction but we didn't have the stamina to stay. We did buy some local honeys which we have been enjoying immensely for months and months. Our supply is almost gone, so we are ready for another honey festival!

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