Monday, May 4, 2015

Free Comic Book Day 2015

For Free Comic Book Day this year we went to our old favorite, Third Eye Comics, in Annapolis, Maryland. They've always had a good turnout and lots of fun things to do for the biggest day in comics. The last time we went was in 2011 (before our England adventures), and things have only gotten bigger.

N suited up for the event. Since it was a special occasion, he even showed off his teeth!


What he got for Christmas

At the store, the first thing we saw was the Doctor Who folks. Later in the day they had picture taking inside the Tardis for $5 a person which we did not do. We had fun and fear enough from outside in the morning!

Fun at the Tardis

Fear the Dalek!
Selling some items outside

We walked around the side of the building and saw the line stretching out into the distance.

Lots of customers!

Mommy and N waited in line while J, L, and I explored the back lot. The cosplayers were out in full force...make that the Force!

Clone, R2, J, and L

L had said before getting to the shop that she had no interest in Star Wars. Then she saw R2-D2 wandering around on his own and making is iconic beeps, whistles, and squeaks. She loved it so much, she gave that little R2 unit a hug.

If only he could hug back

The Marvel Universe had a bunch of their favorites on hand as well, including a guest appearance by movie writer/director Joss Whedon!

Mockingjay and Black Widow

Hanging out together

Hawkeye, Mockingjay, Green Arrow (defecting from DC), Black Widow, not sure, and Deadpool

Joss Whedon lookalike (at least that what they called me) joins the crew

Deadpool loaned Joss a sword

DC didn't just photo-bomb the Marvel pics, they had their own showing.

Green Arrow and Wonder Woman

Aquaman and Wonder Woman

Out back was the kids' tent, featuring face painting (which L didn't want to do for some reason), kid-friendly comics, and a coloring activity. J settled in with a Transformers comic while L worked in the Avengers coloring poster.

Free comics aimed at kids

Reading and coloring in the blazing sun

L can't keep her eyes open in the intense noonday glare

We headed back to line where Mommy was almost in the store. I jumped in and she jumped out. Inside the line snaked around to the free comic book table. People were very polite and patient, I was impressed.

A packed store

I snagged nine free comics and purchased some Hellboy comics and the Marvel Dice Masters Game with some booster packs. Comic reviews are coming in the next post, the game in the near future!

We finished off the trip with a stop at Chick-fil-A for lunch and a swim at a local pool. Everyone had a great time!

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