Wednesday, May 27, 2015

N's New Supervillain Identity

N, at nine months, is getting many more motor skills. He can grab things and move them around. He can't quite place them where they belong (yet) so he has started doing something else. If it's a solid object, he'll put it in his mouth--typical infant behavior. But if it's paper, he will try to crunch it up. He is completely ruthless about this and respects neither the government nor God. I can say this since he is just as happy to crush the pages of a library book as those of a church hymnal.

Church bulletins are fair game too!

He even rumpled up the very Mother's Day card he picked out!

Since he can't sign it, he has to leave his mark somehow

We have started calling his new supervillain identity "The Crumpler." He tears into newspapers. He crinkles up board game rule books. Anything he can reach, he will crumple.

Being a supervillain (or even a regular villain) means having a distinctive look. L has helped by giving him some bad hair to go with his bad boy behavior.
Combing it crazy

A satisfied customer


Height: 30 in.
Weight: 18 lbs., 6 oz.
Powers: Crumples paper and paper products, also drools on and chews all things
Weakness/Kryptonite: Lamination


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  2. Oh Joseph! This is too funny! I absolutely LOVE the picture of Lucy and Nick. Lucy, great job on your and Nick's hair! When you come to minnesota will do my hair just like yours? It reminds me of a style I used to wear back in the day. Love, Libby