Tuesday, May 19, 2015

L, Liberty Farmer

L has some new interests. At school, the social studies unit covered the Statue of Liberty. Her studies inspired her to read more about the statue and to imitate her as well!

L as Lady Liberty

Another pose

Another day

In case you are wondering about the book in the last picture, yes it has worms all over the cover. The book is about composting, inspired by another interest. We have a small compost bin out back of the house where table scraps and cooking scraps are stored. Also, we ordered some worms on the internet and have started our own worm farm! L has been brave enough to touch them with her own (gloved) hands.

New pets?!?

Close up

We have a special bin that we keep in the garage so the worms don't get too cold (or run slither away). Having the lights on for the first few days convinced the worms to stay inside the bin. Now they are happily munching down old newspaper and select table scraps and will turn them into compost!

The worm farm

Bin ventilation

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