Thursday, May 7, 2015

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Part One

We stopped in at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., on one of our downtown trips. We parents figured the kids would enjoy dinosaurs and such but much better surprises were in store for us that day.

The official sign

The view from the Mall side of the museum

That day was one of the free days to visit the Butterfly Pavilion, an indoor habitat featuring a large variety of butterflies. Luckily the line wasn't very long and had some informational displays about the butterflies.

3D chrysalis

Old butterfly caught in amber

After going through an antechamber, we emerged into a humid, brightly lit, and full-of-foliage room where butterflies roamed at will, including landing on people. They never landed on us but we were excited to see them flapping around and perching on plants.

On the ground and the plants

L hoping for a landing

Getting nectar

Also getting nectar

Amazing wings

Amazing camouflage

Blue and black, like that dress

A lucky lady

The Nocturnal Silk Moths were not awake (being nocturnal) and were quite huge. I'd be ducking if I saw one of those swooping towards me!

Why the caged butterfly doesn't sing--no mouth!

Just outside the butterfly exhibit is the Ancient Egypt exhibit. The mummies were not a favorite of L's.

Two out of three people happy to be there

L unimpressed with this one too

J and the mummy's eclipse

A lot of the displays showed items left in tombs and pyramids for the deceased to use in the afterlife.

In Ancient Egypt, you can take it with you


More from the museum in the next post!

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