Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Our celebration of Mother's Day began the night before. After everyone was asleep, I brought out the Mother's Day presents for Mom to find in the morning (she always gets up before me!). Having presents in the morning is a family tradition for us. Like on Christmas, everyone has to be up before presents are opened. Mommy appreciated her chocolates and her foot massager quite a bit. J and L tried out the massager after their mother had a turn. Mommy and Daddy snuck chocolates while the children weren't looking!

Bag of chocolates!

Foot massager

Earlier in the week, L talked about making breakfast in bed but that plan never panned out. Sorry, Mommy! We had a fun breakfast anyway. Then we dressed and headed out for Mass on the way to my Mom's house.

A few weeks ago, my Mom was in the hospital because of a urinary tract infection. She's now in a rehab facility in town since the infection wiped out her strength. My brother came down from New Jersey for the weekend and, with the help of my brother who lives with Mom, took her to Mass and back to the house for the afternoon. We had a great time just hanging out. The children were a big highlight. J played chess with my brother on the iPad and showed him a couple of the games he loves, like Plants vs. Zombies and Bloons Tower Defense. When we were children, my brother was the first one in our house to get a computer and he introduced us to lots of games. Now it's come full circle with J teaching him!

Grandmama just loved hanging out with her grandchildren, especially since N didn't get upset as soon as she held him (which he is wont to do). The moment was caught by my sister!

Photo from my sister's Facebook feed

This Mother's Day was great and we hope for many more fun ones in years to come!

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