Sunday, February 27, 2011

If You're Happy and You Know It Make Up Some Lyrics

Today Jacob spent a good half hour reading from a book and pretending that it had the lyrics to "If You're Happy and You Know It" inside. He quickly ran out of the official, standard lyrics. This impediment did not stop him. In case you don't know the song, here's a quick video of it:

The structure of the song is quite clear. All the budding lyricist needs to do is substitute other ways to express your happiness. Jacob is very expressive. Check out this partial list!

  • Rub your eyes
  • Listen to this song
  • Play your recorder
  • Read your magnet
  • Lap your loos [not sure what this means]
  • Make the sign of the Cross
  • Alleluia alleluia
  • Make your face [it wasn't clear how to do this]
  • Sleep in your bed
  • Wiggle your people

I hope you're happy and you know it!

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