Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lucy's Lingo

Language skills are coming fast and furious for Lucy. She is getting more adept at telling us what she wants ("cracker" or "milk" or "juice"). At her godparents' home, she was able to identify a wide range of stuffed animals, including a whale, a giraffe, and a lion. She's great at asking for cell phones and knows how to hold them up to her ear and say "hello" and "goodbye." She hasn't figured out how to dial them, for which we are grateful.

Lucy says my name a lot!
Lucy is developing a lot of skill with contractions. Her favorite sentence structure is "It's _____," where the blank could be any number of words. When I get up in the morning and she sees me, "It's Daddy!" If she can't get some toy out of a box or a granola bar from inside its wrapper, "It's stuck!" If she sees a certain toy/sticker/video/doll, "It's Diego!" She hasn't done much with "I'm" other than "I'm poopy." She makes that claim often, and quite often erroneously. On the other hand, she's always dead right when we drive around the corner to our house and says, "We're here!"

Lucy has also created a new contraction. As she grows bigger and more capable, she wants to do things on her own. Whether it's walking up or down the stairs, getting into chairs, or using forks or spoons, she often warns us off by saying "by'self." That's her way of saying that she wants to do it "by myself." She's so cute when she says it, how can a parent say no? So far, she hasn't wanted to do anything too dangerous yet. Hopefully it stays that way.

With all these skills, it's not long before Lucy and Jacob start plotting together. World domination, here they come!

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