Friday, February 4, 2011

Library Level Up

Both Jacob and Lucy have made big progress this week and it's all thanks to the library.

One of the many pre-school/children's programs at the library is a story time that's called "Pajama Time." Attendees are encouraged to come in their pjs with their blankets and teddy bears. Jacob has been going on and off to Pajama Time for a year and a half at least. At the end of the stories, singing, and dancing, the storyteller usually stamps the hand of each child with something appropriate: a snowflake for a winter theme or an apple for a doctor theme or a triceratops for a dinosaur theme (no, I did not make that last one up!). At first, Jacob refused completely to get a hand stamp. Eventually, he decided he wanted one but not on his hand. Cue parents scrounging for a piece of paper to be stamped. My impression was Jacob thought that either the hand stamp was a boo-boo that would hurt or he just didn't want to be dirty. But this week, Jacob decided that he wanted the stamp on his hand. We went to PJ Time twice this week and both times he got the stamp. Jacob has definitely leveled up.

Lucy hadn't been going to PJ Time because it was during her bed time (7 p.m.). Now that she's over a year and a half old, we decided to let her try it out. She loves it (including hand stamps)! The only problem was tonight. When we didn't go to the library after bath time, she was upset. Eventually she calmed down and settled into the bedtime routine (milk, stories, song). We're not discouraged to keep from going. She gets a level up too!

The next step is for one of us to stay with the kids during the story time while the other parent gets to use the library without constantly monitoring a rambling and rambunctious toddler or two. Imagine the research we could do! The books we could find! The naps we could take! We might get to level up soon too.

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