Friday, May 27, 2011

Berry Hunters of Columbia

For the past two weeks, the local farm where we got our CSA vegetables (no, not that other CSA) last year has been hosting strawberry picking. We finally got our act together and went. Many of our playgroup friends showed up too. Here's a sampling of my berry picking pics!

Our berry picking gang, sans Zahra and Saree
When we arrived, Jacob saw a field with a white covering that rippled in the wind. He called it the ocean. I couldn't tell if he really thought it was an ocean or not. I explained to him that I thought it was another field either ready for new plants or they were trying to protect the plants from growing too early. Maybe it will be next week's strawberry field?

Lucy with Jacob's "ocean" in the distance
 Lucy was definitely the social girl, mixing with the other children regardless if they were in playgroup or not. Here she is hanging out with some older boys.

Lucy thought more about picking berries than picking boys

Lucy's berry haul
 Jacob, on the other hand, was not very social, though he did hang out quite a bit with the other boy in our playgroup. Guys have to stick together. They invented a game where someone was a fish and they would try to catch that person. Or they would check out the rocks. They did collect berries with a little encouragement.

Jacob learns the ways of a berry hunting master
When we got home, Lucy had some fresh berries with lunch. Jacob was uninterested. After the kids were in bed, I made a smoothie with fresh strawberries, some canned fruit the kids didn't want to eat anymore, yogurt, orange juice, and the only ice cream we had--butter pecan. Writing it out now, it sounds a little unsavory but it did taste quite nice. The blended little bits of pecan were unusual but a delight. I'm sure to make another tomorrow.

Thanks to Gorman Farm for having strawberry picking. We hope the farm stand opens up before we leave the country.

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