Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lucy Light Fingers

Grandpa is visiting this weekend and he brought a bunch of fun toys and books with him. He's been doling them out slowly. Jacob and Lucy found out where they were (the suitcase in his bedroom off of the family room) and occasionally they ask for something.

After dinner, Jacob asked for a car. Grandpa said to go in and get one. Lucy asked for a present. Grandpa told her the same as he told Jacob. Jacob came out with a cool camouflage truck. Lucy came out with $3 from Grandpa's wallet!

Grandpa asked for his money back but Lucy refused. She jumped up and down and shouted, "MMMIIIIINNEEE!!!" She was busy putting it into the toy cash register. At least she knew a good place to keep it.

After Lucy went to bed, Grandpa retrieved his money. Hopefully he'll keep his wallet in a higher spot for the rest of the trip!

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