Monday, May 9, 2011

Update 2 on Jacob's Injury

Jacob's follow-up appointment for his broken collar bone (or clavicle) went really well. He had two x-rays which were no problem for him or the technician. There's a little bump on his collar bone where the break was. The doctor said that was normal and would probably go down a little bit as time goes by. He had Jacob do all sorts of arm movements (out in front, above his head, behind his back, etc.) which were both easy and painless for Jacob. So the doctor said he doesn't need any more appointments unless there's a problem later on. Whew! Back to Jump!Zone, Pump It Up, and all the outdoor playgrounds.

Speaking of which, we went to celebrate at a playground near the doctor's office. Check out the pictures below:

I swear Lucy was having fun on this swing. No, really!

Jacob said this plane's name is "Jacob the Airplane." They had a long chat.

Lucy loved the slides and the tunnel (infamous swing in the distant left)

How do I cross this desert?

Lucy enjoying a slide

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