Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucy's Appetite

Lucy has been a troublesome eater of late. Most everything we set before her is sampled once at most and then she'll ask for something else. She's preparing either herself for a lot of tapas-style dining or us for running a tapas-style restaurant.

Can I eat something...else?

Occasionally she'll eat something with a lot of gusto. One day I gave her some quesadilla (which she called "tortilla") for lunch that she ate up with some dipping sauce (a small spoonful of salsa on her plate). After the exciting discovery I served it again the next day, but quesadilla had already fallen out of favor. Yogurt is still a pretty reliable standby, though sometimes she wants her Princess yogurt, other times daddy's vanilla yogurt with cereal mixed in (thanks for that idea, Granny!), other times daddy's yogurt without cereal, other times mommy's whipped yogurt. There's no way to get her to tell ahead of time which one she wants. If you ask, she will name one. By the time you get it to the table, she might change her mind.

Who changed my mind?

The other sort of troublesome thing is her desire for raw vegetables. We are pretty happy that she likes raw veggies, but often she wants them at inappropriate times. We'll be cutting up some onions or carrots for dinner and she'll come and ask for some with her disarming "pwease!" It's hard to say no, even though it might spoil her appetite for dinner.

The other inappropriate time is unpacking groceries. She loves to help with this. I leave the bags in the garage hall and she takes one item at a time from the back to the kitchen where I put it away. The problem here is she sometimes will sample something along the way:

That hole wasn't there at the store, I swear!

Lucy is a pretty reliable eater at Chick-fil-A, which offers some variety and the ever important dipping sauce. She'll eat nuggets and fruit, sometimes dipping both in Polynesian sauce. I suppose I can't complain since I often dip my french fries in it too. Other restaurants are hit and miss, though she does love the salad and biscuits at Red Lobster.

Maybe we should open a restaurant, we'd have a better chance of satisfying Lucy's varying appetites.

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