Friday, July 19, 2013

Game Review: Busy Busy Airport

Busy Busy Airport published by Wonder Forge

Busy Busy Airport is another game in the Richard Scarry's Busytown world. In this game, players are pilots who pick up passengers at the airport (which is cleverly integrated into the box) and deliver them to their destinations. For each passenger delivered, the player picks up a souvenir which is worth one to four points. The person who collects the most souvenir points at the end of the game wins!

The components are really nice. As I said, the box becomes the airport, including a "control tower" which players use as a dice tower. The game comes with two dice. On the dice are symbols for one passenger, two passengers, one destination, and two destinations. After a player roles, he chooses one of the dice and either collects a passenger or two or delivers previous collected passengers to a destination (or two). The dice (usually) avoids the frustration of rolling things a player can't use, resulting in few turns wasted doing nothing. That's important for a kid's game!

Airport in the box!

Two of the destinations and some souvenirs

The destination pads can be scattered around the room, letting players fly their planes (making engine noises and everything) to have some extra fun. Players walk around and role play as much as they want to. L really loves this game and plays it a lot!

L in the family room set-up

We recommend the game highly!

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