Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cool Stuff Around the Net

Here's some cool stuff you can find on the 'net!

Congrats to Sean from Just a Catholic Dad for his eleventy-first podcast! I don't remember half his podcasts half as well as I should like and I like less than half his podcasts half as well as they deserve. By which I mean to say he's really good and you should give him a listen.

A wonderful discussion of the classic Western The Magnificent Seven is available on A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast. I forgot how quotable that movie is: "I've been offered a lot in my life but never...everything." "We deal in lead, friend." "We don't need that man with the scar, we need the man who gave him that scar!" etc.

A series on Tarot cards, debunking the magic/fortune telling and looking at the games people played with them, can be found beginning here.

A cool video explaining the whole United Kingdom/Great Britain/England confusion:

 h/t to my friend Brian for this!

Some pics worth sharing--sadness for Doctor Who and silliness for Bruce Campbell:

If you eat this, you might get possessed by a Kandarian demon!

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