Friday, July 12, 2013

Quick Review: Les Revenants (2012)

Looking at my recent posts, I haven't posted on zombies in a while, so here's something on a series I am currently watching (I just watched episode five of eight).

Les Revenants or The Returned (or They Came Back) is a French television series set in a remote mountain town. A handful of people who died years before suddenly come back into town as if nothing had ever happened. Camille is a fifteen year old girl whose mom and dad have broken up and the mom is living with someone new. Camille died when her school bus went off a cliff (which is not a spoiler since it is the very first thing viewers see). She walked out of the woods with no memories of the accident or where she'd been. Simon was on the verge of getting married just before he died and his fiancee has struggled to move on but finally has when he shows up again. A small, creepy boy who doesn't speak much seemingly has no family but a kind woman with a nosy neighbor takes him in. Lots of complications ensue for everyone, zombies (the girl refers to herself as a zombie in a joking way a couple of times, no one else does) and humans alike.

Oh yeah, and a serial killer from seven years ago is back in action. Yikes!

The show is very atmospheric. The music is especially good at giving the proper emotional punctuation to the story and the visuals. The plot moves on at a good pace, providing new mysteries and questions while answering others. It reminds me a lot of Lost, which I loved. The large cast is a little bit confusing but they all play their parts well. The characters are very interesting and I want to find out what's going on!

Parental Advisory: The serial killer is a little gruesome, he sort of eats his victims; one of the couples is lesbian but viewers only seem them kiss once and that's as much as we see; there's an under-age sex scene; a few adult sex scenes; some bear breasts; animals in peril. Also, a seemingly Catholic priest is in the town but his theology is pretty weak, which makes me wonder if either the writing is poor or he's supposed to represent some other Christian faith. I wouldn't recommend this show for younger than teenagers.

You can watch the first episode in French with English subtitles on YouTube here. If you are in Britain, you can watch episodes on 4OD from Channel 4.

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