Monday, January 5, 2015

76 Golf World Family Fun Center, Florida

On state route 76 in Stuart, Florida, is 76 Golf World Family Fun Center. In addition to a driving range and two mini-golf courses it has a lot of other attractions for children of all ages. J and L and their cousins went for an afternoon of fun. The first thing they tried was the "world famous" bumper boats. The four cousins had the waters all to themselves and after some navigational practice were able to bump into each other deliberately.

Bumper boats

J and L try to make a connection

"World Famous" according to the boats themselves

Head-on collision

Congestion on the waterway

J and L in new boats on their second try

Another big hit with the kids was the inflatable obstacle course. The course wasn't very long but it had a fabulous slide at the end. After a climb that was challenging but conquerable by even the smallest cousin, the slide was a great reward. They tried a couple of times to slide down at the same time with mixed results.

Inflatable obstacle course

J shows his cousin how to climb

L starts early in the synchronized slide event

More asynchronous sliding

From the obstacle course the cousins went over to the go-kart race track. Sadly the youngest cousins were too small to ride on their own. J and L had the track to themselves. After a few trial laps, they made it around with no trouble at all.

Getting ready to race

L's early crash

L recovers quickly

J on the move

Next up was a bouncy castle. J decided to try Spider Mountain, a climber that looked very difficult (as in I didn't think I would be able to do it). I was a little nervous to see him ascend, but up he went with his usual dauntlessness.

Spider climber!

J near the top

Our final attraction was the trampoline basketball courts. In spite of the ball being there, the kids used it only as a trampoline. What's more fun than jumping up and down on something that makes your jumps bigger?

L doesn't do basketball

J jumps but doesn't shoot

76 Golf World was a lot of fun even if we didn't ever golf!

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