Thursday, January 8, 2015

Atlantic Beach, Florida

While in Florida for Christmas, Granny and Grandpa took the kids to the beach just about every day. We parents finally came along one day to enjoy the surf and sunshine. The beach is a short drive from their house. We arrived early and were able to park but by the time we left, people asked us for our spot.

Beach view from parking area

A path took us past the life guard station and onto the beach.


Lifeguard Station

We set up a base with blankets and a playpen provided by Granny. Cousins K and N shared the shade in the playpen. As usual with infants, they weren't satisfied to lie around and had to be picked up but not after getting a cute picture of them together.

Cousins K and N

Grandpa and J made a beeline for the surf. J started practicing his body surfing. He enjoys the water immensely though not so much when he gets a mouthful. Luckily he knew not to swallow sea water so he didn't get sick.

Grandpa and J head out

J looking for a good wave

Look out for the wave!

 After a long while, J went back up to the picnic/shower area to dry off and have some lunch.

J back from the beach

A happy boy

L had a fun time swimming. She held my hand a lot and loved getting pushed back by the waves. She didn't want to go out too deep enough. The water was never above her waist. She was brave enough to satisfy me. After she was done she made a beeline for the outdoor shower where she rinsed off the sand and salt water.

L showers off

Our picnic was fun. The older cousins sat with the grandparents and had a refreshing repast.

Fine dining

After eating, we heard a lot of whistles from the life guards. We saw the flags go up for people not to swim and saw a flock of seagulls swarming over a patch of the water. I walked down and asked what was up. The guard put his hand to his forehead with his fingers sticking straight up, the sign for a shark. I went to look at the water but couldn't see anything. It was another reason our early arrival was a good one.

Warning flags on the lifeguard station

No sign of the shark to our eyes

We spent a little time looking but without a sighting it didn't seem worth hanging around. We continued on our adventures for the day.

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