Thursday, March 19, 2015

Clark's Elioak Farm 2014

Back in the Fall of 2014, we visited Clark's Elioak Farm since we still had free tickets from the county library's summer reading program. The farm is a popular destination with children since it has plenty of fairy tale-themed playground equipment along with the typical farm attractions.

Not your typical farm entrance

Some of the fairy tale amusements are instantly recognizable.

Humpty-Dumpty on his infamous wall

The old woman who lived in a shoe also had a slide!

J takes a turn on the slide

Other items are not so immediately obvious.

Mice and cheese show up in all sorts of stories

Rainbow + spider = Itsy-bitsy spider?

Could be any fantasy story home

A smaller home

A smaller piano (out of tune but that didn't stop L from singing in tune)

The pirate boat seemed from a different style of playground, reminding us of the simple wooden structures in English playgrounds.

On board for fun

The farm had plenty of petting, feeding, and viewing animals for us to enjoy.

Free range hens

Gated goats not interested in visitors

Goats interested in L (she had food pellets in her hand)

Goats similarly interested in J

Sheep interested in the indoors

Cows interested in eating

The star attraction for the day was the pony ride. J went first to reassure L that it was both safe and fun.

J gets on

Riding around the track

Eyes on Daddy

A happy rider

L took her turn and had a good time as well.

Mounting up

Too focused to look at Daddy

A fun ride

N was too small to ride in anything other than his stroller, so he did not get to see much. We're sure to go back, if only because the library will give us more discount tickets in the coming year!

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